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10 Things Not On My Resume

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  1. I grew up in New York, on Long Island to be more specific.

  2. I live in Chicago now.

  3. Like most actors, I fell in love with acting as a kid.

  4. I’d rather listen than talk about myself.

  5. I tried twice to get on Amazing Race, which is the only reality show I watch.

  6. I love to travel and do adventure type things.

  7. I enjoy hanging out with my friend's pets while they travel. Get to hang out with dogs, cats and even bunnies sometimes.

  8. I buy too many tee shirts and not enough ‘nice’ shirts.

  9. I can really eat just one snack size candy a day…if I choose to.

  10. Oh, yeah, I was born with less than perfect vision which is no big deal. I know no different. It’s just me!

 And Now -More About #10-Vision Stuff

So, here goes…let me try and read your mind and answer some questions you may have:

  1. Yup I have a dog. Nope it’s not a guide dog. Nor do I use one of those white stick things.

  2. I can read regular print.It is easier if the font is bigger, and even easier if it can find its way to my iPad where I can make it as big or small as I need it to be.

  3. Last minute changes to a script.No problem.See #2 above.

  4. Marks. Yup, I can hit those too. A trick I use when needed is just walk it beforehand.Y’know, rehearse it.

  5. No, I can’t drive or operate heavy machinery in the real world. So please don’t ask me to remodel your house or drive your cat to the vet.

  6. I can see you, but please don’t quiz me on your eye color.

  7. I can make eye contact, but not necessarily see subtle facial expressions depending on how far apart we are.

  8. I don’t like emoji’s. Can’t tell what half of them are.Whatever happened to just a plain smiley face or sad face?

  9. Sometimes it’s a bit tough for me to go from bright to dark quickly. So, if you need me to run from the bright sun into a dimly lit restaurant, please let me try it a few times before you shoot and don’t worry if I go slow at first. I will be an Olympic sprinter by the time you say “action” if that is what you need.

  10. Three words I hate.“It’s over there”.Better to tell me where it is, just like in improv, specific rule in this scenario.

  11. Three words I love. “You booked it”. Wait, I bet that goes for all actors whether they see 20/20 or not.

Your turn. Are you still wondering about something?  Please ask me now!

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